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Meet Dr. Tatyana Harris, CEO

Hello Research Enthusiast!

I am very happy that you have taken the initial steps in participating in pharmaceutical and medical research. I am sure that you have many questions about research and how you can help in the development of medications and therapies.

I was much like you when I started my research career, not truly understanding what research was and why it was necessary. As I grew in my field, I learned the importance of research as well as why minorities are needed in the participation of pharmaceutical and medical research. When minorities do not participate in pharmaceutical and medical research the medication and medical devices can have unknown side effects which cause medical issues. This causes more doctor visits and increases healthcare cost for all citizens.

There is a large deficiency in the amount of minority research participants and the reasons may vary from discrimination to access. Major reasons are trust and education. Many minorities do not trust federal government with their healthcare or their medical providers. In addition, they do not understand research or research regulations. I have the comprehension of this topic and feel that it is my duty to present this information in a way that minorities can understand.

Not only am I a (Black) African American Researcher, I am also a Veteran, and I understand the complexities in learning and participating in clinical research.  This makes me unique in knowing the barriers in pharmaceutical and medical research as well as in the ability to explain why pharmaceutical/medical research is important.

I created PECRKO Research to facilitate trust, to teach and to connect. I wanted to have a platform that explains research and research regulations in simple terms and then I want to take it a step further and connect minorities to local researchers. All citizens collectively, must participate in research to support innovations and decrease cost.

When we all participate in research, the pharmaceutical companies have a more divers and greater pool of data which supports better medication and medical equipment for us all. Just think if more minorities participated in research it can change the way that medications are designed, which can support better medical care and less medical expenses. I want to thank you again for taking the necessary steps in improving healthcare!



Dr. Tatyana R Harris, PECRKO Research, CEO


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