PECRKO Research

This Is Why We Exist

Who We Are

At PECRKO Research, we provide Clinical Research Education and a Minority Community Participant Database to support diversity in research.

To initiate global promotion and cultivation with national and global biotech/pharmaceutical companies that will support medication, therapies and medical equipment development that is beneficial for all citizen consumption. 

About Us

PECRKO Research is a clinical research organization that serves as a bridge between minority research participants and clinicians. At PECKRO our overall goal is to increase the number of minorities participating in research studies while providing clinical research organizations access to this demographic. Volunteering in research is essential to the development of pharmaceutical and medical solutions. Minority research participation is typically 10% or less of research studies, which leads to skewed results and innovations made for the majority demographic.

Dr Harris Tree

Meet the Founder and CEO

PECRKO Research was founded by Dr. Tatyana R Harris, an expert in clinical research. For over 20 years, Dr. Harris, an African American Army veteran, has worked as a clinical researcher at Veteran Affairs Medical Centers, military bases and establishments, pharmaceutical research projects and in private healthcare organizations. Throughout her career, minorities have consistently made up less than 10% of research demographics. She believes that facilitating trust and educating minorities on research initiatives and providing access to minority participants will help researchers produce better pharmaceutical solutions for all citizens.

Our Values

To provide honor and virtue in our organization and through our education.

Ever advancing through technology, innovation and research in order to make continual impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

To ensure that we offer the most up-to-date knowledge on practices and regulations in terms of clinical or pharmaceutical research and empower our message in the ability to facilitate change in the pharmaceutical  world. 

Through education and partnerships, we aim to be a source of hope and light to our communities making a continual effort to change the quality of life for those within our reach.



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